Monday, June 7, 2010

Bending The Rules?

At the end of last week I made a decision to make it known to some of my candidates on Match that I was interested. This goes against The Rules and my better judgement, but you see I had no choice.

Doing this involved clicking the YES button underneath the question Are You Interested? for the profile of one of my Daily 5 matches. Up until now I had been clicking MAYBE, as I didn't want to seem too eager; however I am wondering if that has kept me off the radar of these gentlemen, as when you click YES you will show up under the They're Interested link on their profile. This would make a woman, who might have seemed unattainable otherwise, more approachable to a guy.

I am hoping it will prompt them to reach out to me, as I need to make sure that I am connecting with five people each month in order to keep to the regulations of the six-month guarantee. The guarantee states that if I don't find 'someone special' within the first six months I get the next six months for free. However since initiating contact is strictly forbidden in The Rules, I won't be able to keep to the guarantee restrictions if I don't have more people contacting me.

So today I grabbed a hot cup of chai tea and settled in front of the computer to see if there were any lobsters in my trap. No such luck.

Will Ms C have to bend The Rules to find love? Stay tuned to find out!

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