Sunday, June 13, 2010

Still hearing crickets

It's month two on Match and I just have to make contact with one more new candidate in order to meet the guarantee guidelines, so I'm good there. Other than hearing a lot of crickets chirping in the background there is precious little to report.

I did get some interesting emails this past week that I don't quite know what to make of. They were from gentlemen from the U.S. who claim to be looking for someone special and are willing to relocate anywhere for love. They come on real strong during initial contact by saying things like "Hello Princess...your profile touched my heart...I'm interested in getting to know you", and "let's hang out spending time with good stimulating conversation doing all kinds of fun & exciting things as sharing our fantasies together" (there was a slight language/cultural barrier with that latter candidate). One of the men had a hidden profile so I wasn't able to learn anything about him beyond what he said in his email...very suspicious. I sent them both my regrets.

This profile has now been viewed 320 times.

As for Lava...a few nibbles here and there mainly in the form of smiles and the odd IM from browsers, but nothing significant has taken hold just yet. I've been checking out The Party from time to time, and my popularity score is over 3,500...whatever that means!

Total profile views on Lava now at 103.

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