Thursday, July 1, 2010

Was it something I said?

Well I'm almost at the end of Month #2 and I'm feeling as if the room has cleared since I put up my profiles on Match and Lavalife.

Though my Match profile has reached 450 views, I have not been contacted by any serious or qualified matches thus far...only new immigrants with broken English skills, mystery men with profiles that are hidden to me, and men with seemingly questionable motives.

Many online dating sites seem to claim that you need to invest in at least six months of searching before finding a good match, and I'm beginning to wonder if this isn't just a lame attempt at convincing people to commit to a longer membership, and that you actually do need to spend months online sorting out the wheat from the chaff in order to find suitable date material?

I am not having any better luck on Lavalife either, with my profile only being viewed about 100 times and no serious replies to my ad.

So it would seem that Rules Girls trying to find love online need all the patience they can muster and should be prepared to settle in for the long haul while they wait for a decent candidate to make the first move.

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