Sunday, August 1, 2010

Appies for dinner!

In true Rules spirit, I did not rush to return F's calls when he tried reaching me a week or so after the cruise. After his third voicemail, which I received when I was in the U.S. visiting family, I called back and left him a message saying I had been out of town, and agreeing that we could get together the week following my return. We coordinated an after work date on a Thursday night at a local seafood restaurant.

I arrived just a few minutes late, and F was waiting for me at the bar. We grabbed a table outside and he excitedly announced that it was half-price appetizer night, adding that the appies at this restaurant were fantastic. We ordered our drinks and 3 small appetizers, and after two hours had passed I ended the date for two reasons: 1. I had an hour drive home, and 2. It was 8:30pm by this time and I was starving. F made it clear during the date that he wasn't that hungry and appetizers were more than enough for him on a hot summer evening. He did not ask if I wanted to order dinner, and I wasn't about to suggest it.

He wanted to know if he could call me again, and after five seconds of deliberation I said that would be fine, but I'll make sure to have a full stomach before the next date, if there is one.

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