Saturday, November 10, 2012

"So-and-So wants to meet you"...not

On POF they have a feature called Meet Me that functions and looks a lot like 'Hot or Not'.  Members can view the profile photo of a man or woman and select Yes, No, or Maybe to whether or not they would like to meet that person.  If you choose Yes or Maybe the person in question then receives a notification that So-and-So would like to meet them.

POF tells you that if you spend some time going through and selecting people you'd like to meet it can render better matches to your profile based on your choices, so I went through a few profiles.  Not wanting to appear too interested I refrained from selecting Yes to any of them, opting instead for Maybe.  Then I heard from a couple of these guys, which is how I learned that choosing Maybe is the same as choosing Yes.

To-date there are 125 men that want to 'meet' me...yet not a single one of them have bothered to reach out to me to ask me for a coffee.  So basically it's just a low effort function that allows men an alternative way of interacting passively with women without having to muster up the stones to actually send her a message.

If So-and-So really wants to meet with me and get to know me better, he will find his balls and contact me.  I refuse to be pressured into initiating conversation with a pussy who is afraid to make the first move.

Hmm...plenty of fish, you say?
However I realize this most likely means I will spend many more Saturday nights at home with my cat.

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