Monday, November 5, 2012

if you don't look like your picture chances are I will be drinking heavily until you do

Ah the joys of dating in a virtual world where we can pretend to be whomever we want!

About two months ago I decided to jump back into the game and created a profile on Plenty of Fish - a site I'd never been on before.  A few of my friends had profiles on this site and were urging me to get on there and try my luck for another round.  With significant reservation, albeit a strong desire to meet someone, I relented.

Not surprisingly I've been only handling messages from men who just want to chat, but have no desire to take things offline and actually meet in person.  Of those who did want to meet, most of them were outside my race (although POF doesn't allow you to opt towards a specific nationality I'm only looking for white males) and desperate to find a mate.  Trying to keep an open mind I went for coffee with a couple of these fellows, only to have a boring and awkward meeting during which absolutely no sparks flew and I couldn't wait for it to end.

I did manage to snag a half-decent white guy for two dates, but he stopped contacting me when it looked like things were going really well.  Par for the course it seems!

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