Tuesday, May 25, 2010

The art of communication...

...is completely lost on some people.

Today I got a text message from one of the guys I met at the whiskey tasting I was at over the weekend. I was driving when I got it so I wasn't able to respond:

Hey C, it's D. What did you get up to the rest of the weekend?

Now there is one thing The Rules don't mention, and that's text messages. It's not really like an IM, because they can't tell if you're online. It's not like an email, in that you're mobile when you receive it, so you don't have to be at a computer or Blackberry.

What's a Rules Girl to do???

Well I've decided that I'm just going to ignore it. I really don't have time to respond right now anyway, as I've got to update my blog, go for a walk before sundown, and then get my lunch ready for tomorrow. You see I'm just too busy! He might have better luck if he were to call me live as I would be much more likely to stop what I'm doing and answer my phone. Oh well...guess he loses! I wonder if he will give up that easily or try to reach me another way?

My interesting Lava candidate, B, responded ridiculously to the email thread he started:

Did you get to the driving range?

That's it? Seriously?

My answer, equally succinct, was to mention that I ended up getting caught up in yard work instead. That's two wasted exchanges so far. One more exchange is all he gets and then - silence. Unless in his next message he asks to meet.

Hope is fading...

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