Sunday, May 23, 2010

Whiskey (tasting gone) Sour

Thinking it would be a lark, and possibly an avenue through which we might meet some interesting eligible men, K and I signed up for a singles whiskey tasting event this weekend through Meet Market Adventures. The event was described as such:

"Our Steward, will introduce us to several different types of Whiskey as we learn the difference between Irish, Scotch and Bourbon varietals. He will also introduce us to the various distilling techniques, methods of maturation and cask types that make up each unique spirit.

As we make our way through each sample, we’ll discuss the characteristics of this popular spirit, such as it’s intensity, whether it’s floral or peaty or any other myriad of smells or tastes, it’s colour and so much more. In addition to this, we will also experience the differences in flavour when being paired with such treats as chocolate, nuts and fruit."
The instruction consisted of a brief lecture at the beginning describing the difference between Whiskey, Bourbon and Scotch (our steward admitted to not knowing jack about Irish Whiskey). Then we were given just two samples of Scotch (barely an ounce each) to taste...nothing more. There was no discussion whatsoever on the characteristics of the two varietals (Ballantine's - blended, and 12-yr-old Macallan - single malt), other than the casual opinions we Scotch amateurs made amongst ourselves, and we didn't get any chocolate, nuts or fruit with which to pair them. The event was held at Prohibition, a bar on the outskirts of the Riverdale area, and we were seated in a room at various tables, so there was no mingling. Everyone kept to the cliques they formed at the beginning of the evening.

There were about 6 men and 14 women (the typical ratio at a MME event), so the MME host, Shelley (an annoyingly loud, gum-chomping bimbo), snagged a few men who had come to the bar for a drink after the FC game, to join in. This was an epic fail, however, as it turned out these men were all spoken for. In addition, she charged these men only $20 for the two shots (we paid twice that)!

In the end, K and I only were able to meet two of the singles at the event, both of which were texting on their Blackberrys all night long. We paid $40+tax each - a ripoff if there ever was one. We expressed our thoughts quite frankly on our feedback forms, but neither of us will attend one of these events again.

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