Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Breaking some hearts

I decided today to let a couple suitors go as gently as possible. Zack was one of the two Canadian newcomers that had approached me, but instead of asking me out this fellow seemed content to simply communicate endlessly via email and would send me these long, drawn out shaggy dog stories about how much he wants to find a soul mate and to tell her those all-important three words every day. The other bachelor who didn't make the cut was The Redneck. I know, I know...I agonized a long time over that one!

I received email #2 from Mr. Cerebral. He is a scientist currently out of town on business. He informed me that I didn't have enough information in my profile, and could I please answer some questions, which he then proceeded to ask. I graciously obliged, however I plan on replying to just one last email message, after which if he does not ask to meet me that will be the end of the thread.

Total profile view thus far: 91

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