Monday, May 17, 2010

Keeping an open mind...

Despite the fact that my profile clearly states I am looking for men between 39 and 45, I'm getting approached by much older men, like J, a newcomer to Canada with very broken English. He emailed me Saturday, I replied yesterday as per the email response interval rule (24 hrs), and in his second email to me he asked me out for a 15-minute coffee - a very small commitment. I'm trying to stay objective and not pre-judge, so I responded saying I would go. Stay tuned for those details.

And speaking of broken English: I don't have a problem with a newcomer struggling with his language skills, but when an American whose native language is English emails me and can't spell to save his life, let alone string a sentence together, I get turned off. Here is an unedited exerpt from his last communication: are very prety its your moms falt. iam very greatfull for everything i got to. i love life.ther are so many things i like to do...

Oh, and did I mention that 2 out of 3 of the profile pics he posted are of him in the same white 'beater'. Why do I always attract the rednecks???

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